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Visual Arts
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Do You Love Art?

How many times have you heard someone say that they "do not have an artistic bone in their body" or "I can't even draw a straight line" Most of us stop drawing around 10 years of age when we become very critical of ourselves.  Picasso said "Every child is an artist"   The struggle is how to remain an artist once you grow up.  The good news is that learning to play an instrument, learning how to draw; you can learn and we can teach you.

Schedule of Classes 2024-2025

All tuition fees are based on the full school year - All Art Supplies included in tuition fees

Wednesdays: 4:30-8:30pm

Thursdays:   4:30-8:30pm

Fridays:        4:30-8:30pm

Saturdays:    8:30-5:30pm

Fall Classes Begin: Thursday September 14th, 2023

Digital Art Classes

Digital Art Foundations Class -10 months  (year 1)


This is a foundation year with a dual focus.  The first 5 months are concerned with the fundamentals of digital art, while the second 5 months are an exploration of the 3 main digital art tracks of Animation, digital painting and comic books. Digital Art Fundamentals introduces students to basic art skills, as well as many different styles,, technques, and genres of digital art.  Students get a taste of each of these art categories before deciding which they would like to pursue in more depth the following year.  Upon completion of the Digital Art Fundamentals course, student may choose from three further tracks of classes.  Each of these tracks is 10 months in length and focuses more on a specific area of artistic interest.

Classes: 12 years and up
Cost $135/month

Digital Art Explorations Class -10 months  (year 1)

Pre-requisite Digital Foundations or Background experience with interview required


This year is the exploration for the first 5 months with digital animation track while the next months will be divided between the comic book and graphic novel track and advanced digital photography.  Depending on the students experience and advancement  there are 3 options of animation tracks for them to explore.  The same applies to the comic book and graphic novel tracks.  With the advanced photography the students will advance in all the aspects of the photography skills learned in the foundations photography classes.

Classes: 12 years and up
Cost $150/month


2nd visual art class $90.00/month

3rd visual art class $75.00/month

The Animation



Animation 1, 2 and 3


Comic Book 1, 2 & 3


Digital Painting Basics, Digital Photography Project 2 & 3


The Animation Track


Animation One

This class begins to explore animation styles and concepts in more depth. Some projects include flipbooks, claymation, Lego animation, cut paper, as well as Procreate and FlipaClip digital animations. The first 5 months are an exploration of t types of animation, while the next 5 months focus on longer animations and the use of a preferred mediums (for example, claymation or cut-paper). Included in Digital Fundamentals


Animation Two

This class delves deeper into longer animation projects that focus on telling more complex stories, and incorporating new ideas and techniques.The first half is largely explorations into new types of animation, such as mixed media, experimental animation with objects, whiteboard animation, salt, and combined mediums like flat paper and clay. The next half focuses on the further development of existing ideas, and the creation of longer, more personal projects.


Animation Three

This class is more self directed and is dedicated to helping students develop short animated films with a personal focus. Ideas will be discussed with the instructor and oversight given for the creation of 3 or more longer animated projects. Students can use any methods they like, as they explore the creation of longer, portfolio style pieces. They can then use their work here as a stepping stone into highschool or post secondary art classes. 

Classes 12 years and Up

(unless recommended by teacher)

comic book

   The Comic Book
& Graphic Novel Track

Comic Books

This track is for students who are interested in writing and drawing their own comic books or graphic novels. There is a large focus on figure drawing for comics, sequential art methods, and storytelling.


Comic Books One

(included in Digital Fundamentals Class)

A deeper exploration of the makeup of a comic book. This class introduces students to the skills and working methods necessary for the production of comics and sequential art. Some topics include drawing techniques, gathering of reference, creating an efficient workflow, and printing your work.


Comic Books 2

Comic Books 2 expands on the ideas of Comic Books 1 with more of an emphasis on improving drawing, creating longer narratives, adding colour, and developing more personal stories.  


Comic Books 3

Comic Books 3 expands further on the development ideas with further and deeper emphasis on improving drawing, creating longer narratives, adding colour, and developing more personal stories.  Working towards a complete book and serialized volumes.

Classes 12 years and Up

(unless recommended by teacher)

digital painting

     Digital Painting
& Photography Track


Digital Painting
& Design Basics

This class covers the process of digital painting and design using an iPad and Procreate. It covers art concepts and digital painting techniques, along with digital tools and their uses. Some topics include colour theory, art styles, the use of downloadable materials, such as brushes and textures, and appropriate file formats.


Illustration Projects 1
(included in Digital Fundamentals)

This class expands on the information in Digital Painting and Design Basics and focuses attention more on executing specific digital illustration projects. Some of the projects include digital drawing, the creation of greeting cards, posters, character designs, and more.


Digital Photography

The realm of digital photography has experienced a remarkable growth, and its potential is virtually limitless.   Our program has been designed to equip students with cutting-edge techniques to enhance their photography skills and refind their artistic style.   Participants will be exposed to the principles of photography, including monochrome photography, the applicaiton of props, lens props, lighting, shutter speeds, ISO, and other related concepts.  Our objective is to enhance the proficiency of participants in digital photography and develop their abilities to create visually stunning art.

Classes: 12 years and Up

(unless recommended by teacher)

Tuition Information

  • Tuition fees can be paid in Full or by scheduled 4 payments or scheduled 10 payments. Payments can be paid by postdated cheques or e-transfers. Please contact the office for more details.

  • Registration fee of $25.00 paid once a school year

  • If you wish to pay tuition by credit card please contact the school office

  • School T-shirt is required for this class $20

  • All students are required as part of their tuition fees to purchase 2 or more tickets to their Art Gallery Exhibition called Art Gallery Moments

  • All Art Supplies are included in the tuition fees

  • All Art Classes are a part of our Certificate Program. Please contact the office for more information.

  • All Digital Classes require software fees and students to supply their own iPad (class specific).

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