Visual Arts Classes and Programs

Do you Love Art?

How many times have you heard someone say that they "do not have an artistic bone in their body" or "I can't even draw a straight line" Most of us stop drawing around 10 years of age when we become very critical of ourselves.  Picasso said "Every child is an artist"   The struggle is how to remain an artist once you grow up.  The good news is that learning to play an instrument, learning how to draw; you can learn and we can teach you.

Schedule of Classes 2022-2023
All tuition fees are based on the full school year.

Thursday: 4:30 - 9:00 pm
Fridays: 4:30 - 9:00 pm
Saturdays: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Fall Classes Begin: September 2022
Class Times: TBA

*New Class for 2023*

Painting Extravaganza!

In each class, the students will complete 9 X 12 paintings using acrylic paint. 

Examples for each class are available.
Classes start Thursday January 12th, 2023
Art supplies and canvases included in tuition fees 

Class for ages 7-13yrs and 14 yrs & up 

Cost per class: $35.00

Painting by the Month! (Dates TBA)
In this class, students will complete 2- 16 X 20 painting during each month of classes using acrylic paint. The examples for each month will be posted on the front page of our website.
New Class dates for 2022 - 2023 Fall Term  

September 17th- October 8th, 2022     

October 22- November 12th, 2022   

November 19- December 10th, 2022

Art supplies and canvases included in tuition fees
Class for ages 7-13 yrs
Cost $65/ per month

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Introduction to Ceramics

This is an introductory class for students interested in acquiring basic
knowledge and skill in clay.  Students will learn how to use different
tools and methods including process of creating a pinch pot, coil pot
and slab work.  Students will be able to produce decorative and
functional ceramic pieces and understand the principles of glazing and
kiln firing.
All supplies, clays and greenware are included in the tuition fees.
Class for ages 7-11 yrs
Cost $125/month

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This is a class for students interested in different types of ceramics. 
Students will learn how to use different tools and methods working with
clay and greenware.  They will produce decorative and functional pieces
using stain, glazes and understand the principals of kiln firing.
All supplies, clays and greenware are included in the tuition fees
Class for ages 12 yrs-Adult
Cost $140/month

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Art Studio I

Students will have fun discovering the possibilities of all sorts of different materials. 

The opportunities are endless so get ready to dress for a mess!

Class for ages 7-9 yrs

Cost: $79/month

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Art Studio II

Each week, hands on studio sessions will give students an opportunity to explore art elements within painting, drawing and sculpting.  This class is geared towards students who are interested in advancing their skills in a variety of practices.  They will be encouraged to develop their own style and creative approach.

Classes for ages 10-13

Cost: $84/month

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Art Studio III 

Students will receive classical training in the fundamental elements of art. They'll learn technical skills that will help them develop their own creative style. The use of different tools and media will also give students the knowledge and experience they need to create different effects. A variety of painting, mixed media, artist pencils, pens, charcoal and pastel will be used to create works ranging from rough sketches to fine detailed drawings. Subjects will include nature, still life, human form, architectural and more.

Ages 14 yrs and up

Cost: $96/month

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Mastering Art

This fine arts class is intended for students who have intermediate drawing skills and are looking to learn a variety of different artistic techniques and approaches to creating art.  Students in the Mastering Art Class are ready to advance their skills to create more three-dimensional perspective and realism in their work.

Classes for ages 10+

Cost: $95/month

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Art Confidence

Let's Build Artistic confidence! This class is geared towards the older beginner and has guided structure.  Students learn fundamental visual art concepts as they build confidence in their skills and their ability to make their own artistic decisions.  Media exploration will increase in this class as students progress throughout the year.

Ages 7-9 yrs

Cost: $80/month

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Adult Painting Classes
Our adult classes offer personalized instruction depending on the experience of the student and their interests.  Following step-by-step demo from the teacher as well as the students working on different projects and at different levels.
Class for ages 14-99yrs.
Cost: $195/month

We teach comprehensive painting in this class including the proper use of brushes, color mixing using watercolors and tempera paint and other mediums such as soft and oil pastels.  This class builds confidence and individual creativity in a guided but fun artistic environment.
Class for ages 7-9 yrs
Cost: $125/month
Class for ages 10-13
Cost: $135/month

Just Beginning to Paint & Draw!
In this class, we have a good balance of drawing and painting using imagination and observation with water colours and tempera paint along with other mediums to create some fun projects.
Class for ages 4-6 yrs
Cost: $95/month

Graphic Novel & Comic Creations
Students will learn to create a graphic novel from scratch, through character design, scriptwriting, drawing and composition.  All levels use pencils, paper, brush pens to draw and then scan their completed work to print a unique creation.
Classes for ages 9-12 yrs
Cost $160/mo

Clay Sculpture
The students will create and will be introduced to the key concepts, materials and method of contemporary sculpture with emphasis on figurative sculpture.  Students will learn how to model three-dimensional form including facial features and the human body.
Classes for ages 10-14 yrs
Cost $125/mo

Character Design & Illustration
Students build their technique to draw stylized and realistic character concepts for use in comics, cartoons and animation.
Classes for ages 7-9yrs
Cost $110/mo

Digital Photography
This class is geared towards the beginner photographer ready to learn about all the buttons and dials on their digital cameras, what to do and how to use them.  Students must either have their own Nikon or Canon camera and their own sim card.  This class will include detailed lessons on how to navigate aperture, depth of field, autofocus settings, shutter speed, ISO and many more all the while creating wonderful photography.
Class for ages 12+
Cost $107/mo

Drawing & Sketching
This class helps young artists develop their technique in graphite, India ink, charcoal, chalk and oil pastels.  Students experiment with styles from traditional charcoal drawings to contemporary abstracts. 
Class for ages 7-9 years
Cost $88/mo
Classes for ages 10-13 yrs
Cost $90/mo

Kid Tech
Students are introduced to the computer by exploring their ideas using different software in this class.  Students create digital art using digital downloads
Class for ages 6-8 yrs
Cost $110/mo

Computer Animation
In this class, students bring their drawings to life with animation tools and programs.  Lessons cover topics like frame rate, timelines and so much more.
Classes for ages 7-9 yrs
Cost $120/mo
Classes for ages 10+  
This class also includes work in the world of Anime and other characters
Cost $145/mo

Tuition Information: 

Tuition fees can be paid in Full or by scheduled 4 payments or scheduled 9 payments.

Payments can be paid by postdated cheques or e-transfers.   

Please contact the office for more details.

Registration fee of $25.00 paid once a school year

If you wish to pay tuition by credit card please contact the school office

School T-shirt is required for this class $20

All students are required as part of their tuition fees to purchase 2 or more tickets to their Art Gallery Exhibition called Art Gallery Moments

All Art Supplies are included in the tuition fees

All Art Classes are a part of our Certificate Program. Please contact the office for more information.

All Digital Classes require software fees (class specific).

Online & In-Person Classes
Students can take classes in person at our school, or in an online interactive class along with the in-person class with our Art Teacher

Start Classes Any Time!
On-going classes September - June with individual instruction and then Special Summer Camps

Small Class Sizes
In-Person classes have a limit of 8 students per class and Online classes have a limit of 5 students per class.  This allows us to give you the best quality instruction.

Art History
Throughout the school year each of the Art classes will have the opportunity to learn and understand the lives and painting of the Old Masters along with other Artists.  They will learn about artists using both paint and sculpture as their mediums.

We have proudly been here in the community since 1999

EJS School of Fine Arts provides students of all ages with the opportunity to explore the visual arts by a hands-on approach to painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media and more!

This School is awesome. They are excellent teachers and after just a few classes we could see an amazing progress in our daughter's work. She loves this place.
Thank you for your work and we are looking forward to start a new year!


My son took the 2-hour visual art class and is excited to be going again!
Thomas Stone