EJS School of Fine Arts

#105a - 14772 64th ave, Surrey BC -- 604-596-4883

Visual Arts

EJS School of Fine Arts provides students of all ages with the opportunity to explore the visual arts by a hands-on approach to painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media and more!

Maximum of 8 students per class

All Tuition Fees are based on the Full School Year. 

Schedule of Classes for 2018-2019

Saturday Class Times

Art Studio II Ages 10+ 9-10am
Mastering Art Ages 10+ 10-11am
Art Confidence Ages 7-9 11am-12pm
Just BeginningAges 4-6 12:15-1:00pm
Art Studio IAges 7-9 1-2pm
Mixed Media Ages 7+2-3pm
Painting Class Ages 8+3-4pm
Sr. Art Studio IIIAges 16+4-5pm
Art Therapy Ages 3+ by appointment only


Class Information

Art Studio I

Students will have fund discovering the possibilities of all sorts of different materials.  The opportunities are endless so get ready to dress for a mess!

Class for ages 7-9 yrs

Cost: $70/month



Art Studio II

Each week, hands on studio sessions will give students an opportunity to explore art elements within painting, drawing and sculpting.  This class is geared towards students who are interested in advancing their skills in a variety of practices.  They will be encouraged to develop their own styl and creative approach.

Classes for ages 10+

Cost: $72/month



Just Beginning

A delightful class for our young blooming artists!  Play with paints, pastels, chalk, glitter and more while exploring the world of shape, colour and texture through art and stories.

Class for ages 4-6 yrs

45 minutes

Cost: $60/month



Mixed Media                                          



This broadly based course is an introduction to the expressive potential of modeled and constructed form.  A variety of techniques, applications and materials are used to develop skills and provide a basis for creative development aimed at gaining sensitivity in composition, observation and expression.  We will cover various forms of multimedia art that include the use of clay, paint, paper, literature, various materials such as gels, molding paste and other mediums.  This class is good for students who desire to express themselves without needing technical or advanced classical art drawing skills.

Classes for Ages 7+

Cost: $105/month



Mastering Art

This fine arts class is intended for students who have intermediate drawing skills and are looking to learn a variety of different artistic techniques and approaches to creating art.  Students in the Mastering Art Class are ready to advance their skills to create more three-dimensional perspective and realism in their work.

Classes for ages 10+

Cost: $79/month



Art Confidence

Let’s Build Artistic confidence! This class is geared towards the older beginner and has guided structure.  Students learn fundamental visual art concepts as they build confidence in their skills and their ability to make their own artistic decisions.  Media exploration will increase in this class as students progress throughout the year.

Ages 7-9 yrs

Cost: $69/month



Sr. Art Studio III 

Students will receive classical training in the fundamental elements of art. They'll learn technical skills that will help them develop their own creative style. The use of different tools and media will also give students the knowledge and experience they need to create different effects. A variety of painting, mixed media, artist pencils, pens, charcoal and pastel will be used to create works ranging from rough sketches to fine detailed drawings. Subjects will include nature, still life, human form, architectural and more.

Ages 16 yrs and up

Cost: $78/month



Painting Class

Students will paint with water colour, acrylic and oil to create works covering a variety of subject matters, methods and styles including landscape, still life, modern, realism and abstract. Classes will cover different art periods and the famous styles and artists of those times as well as different technical skills and fundamental art elements and tools used to create desired effects. 

Ages 8 yrs and up

Cost: $75/month





  • Tuition fees can be payed in full or by monthly installment. Please contact the office for more details.


  • Registration fee of $25.00 paid once a school year.
  • School T-shirt: $20
  • All students are required as part of their Tuition fees to purchase 2  or more tickets to their Art Gallery Exhibition. 
  • All art supplies are included in Tuition fees
  • All art classes are a part of our Certificate Program. Please contact the office for more information and details.