EJS School of Fine Arts

#105a - 14772 64th ave, Surrey BC -- 604-596-4883

Preschool arts

The goal of our preschool arts program is to prepare young students for life and the love of learning centered around the theatre arts, dance and music.


In this year long program which culminates in an in-class year end performance, our students will enjoy story telling and creative role play, fun movement games and activities that spark awareness in young children. The art of puppetry introduces a valuable element of role-play and character development facilitating empathy and understanding of others. Exploring music through, songs, rhythmic games and exercises helps students to discover the joys of melody and their artistic potential!



Classes: Mondays 4:30-5:30 pm


Ages: 3-6 yrs 




  • Tuition fees can be paid in full or 10 postdated cheques of $68.00/month (September/19 - June/20)
  • School T-shirt: $20
  • If you wish to pay tuition fees with a payment method other than post dated cheques or cash, please contact the school office to make arrangements.

To register or for more info call 604-596-4883 or Register Online!