Dance Classes 

EJS School of Fine Arts Dance Department offers expert instruction in Ballet, Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop. Classes are offered for all ages and levels.  Quality Dance Instruction in a friendly, non-competitive environment.  There is opportunity for Dance students to take part in our Main Stage Productions.

Dance Class tuition fees are based on the full school year.

Dance Class Schedule for 2022-2023
Classes begin Tuesday September 13th, 2022

4:30-5:30 pm   
5:30-6:30 pm
6:30-7:30 pm 
7:30-8:30 pm

Combo Class

Combo Class

First Impression Choreography

Combo Class

4 - 7 yrs

8 - 11 yrs

8 - 14 yrs

12+ yrs

Combo Classes

All Combo classes consist of Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop giving the students the opportunity to experience these 4 forms of dance. Whether the student is a beginner to all  the forms of dance or is refreshing them all it doesn't matter... come and express yourself!  Not only will they experience the different style and technique but it will open them up to new world of dance.
Classes in Bollywood Style now available!
Dress Code:  Fitted pants, School T-shirt and hair tied back
Shoes:  Jazz or Ballet shoes and a pair of clean runners
Fees: (All costumes included)
Ages 4-7 yrs     $62/mo
Ages 8-11yrs     $67/mo
Ages 12+ yrs     $70/mo

First Impression Choreography  

This class is designed to allow young performers to improve their dance skills to perform in a musical theatre show.   The classes will focus on Dance styles that are used in our musical theatre shows.  This is a great class for students beginning and are interested in doing musical theatre or wanting to improve their dance skills.

Dress Code:  Fitted pants, School T-shirt and hair tied back

Ages 8-14 years   $65/mo

Private Classes

Privates classes are open to any student of any age and any ability.  One on one or one on two private lessons give students more personalized time for specific goals or needs. Whatever style you want to learn Hip Hop, Breakin' Michael Jackson, Audition work, learn to dance for your Wedding or for whatever reason.
Ages 14 to Adult
1 hr - $95/mo
2 hrs -  $185/mo
Lessons by the hour $40 per hour (minimum 8 lessons)

Ages 4-13
45min - $40 per class
1 hour  - $75 per Class
Lessons by the hour  - $50 per hour (minimum 8 lessons)

Tuition Information:

Tuition for all classes can be paid in full or by 4 payments or 9 payments for the school year by postdated cheques or e-transfers

Registration fee of $25.00 paid once a school year

If you wish to pay tuition by credit card please contact the school office

School T-shirt: $20

All students involved in a class with year end performances are required as part of their Tuition fees to purchase 6 tickets per dance performance. If there are 2 students per family, the family is required to purchase a total of 8 tickets.  If there are 3 or more students per family, the family is required to purchase 10 tickets.  

All student withdrawals from dance classes require one months written notice to the school office. All refunded fees are based on remaining instructional days once the one month period has passed.

All Dance Classes are a part of our Certificate Program. Please contact the office for more details and information.

If you wish to pay tuition fees with a payment method other than post dated cheques or cash, please contact the school office to make arrangements.

.Start Classes Any Time!
On-going classes September - June with individual instruction and group classes!

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