EJS School of Fine Arts

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Memory Lane Productions

For the past 20 years Willa Iseli, the founder of Iseli’s Musical Theatre Co & EJS School of Fine Arts, has produced and directed numerous plays and musicals such as Annie, Anne of Green Gables, Oklahoma, The King & I, Disney’s Beauty & the Beast, Wizard of Oz, Fame, Hairspray, Little Women and many, many more!


To acknowledge this milestone, Mrs. Iseli formed Memory Lane Productions 2015 and produced  The Sound of Music on February 7, 2015 with an alumni cast from Iseli’s Musical Theatre Co. and EJS School of Fine Arts. The show was phenominal and a wonderful experience for both audience and cast.

Coming March, 2018 the production of The King & I

Auditions start Saturday May 20th  

10-12:00 noon at the school for the parts of


The Kralahome, the prime minister               Male age  20-40 yrs old

Phra Alack                                                       Male age 20-30 yrs old

Prince Chualongkorn                                      Male 12-15 yrs old

Princess Ying Yaowalak                                  Female 5-7 yrs old

Sir Edward Ramsey                                         Male  30-50 yrs old

Prince and Princesses                                     Male & Females 8-13 yrs old

Royal Wives                                                    Females 20-50 yrs old

Amazons                                                          Males  18-30 yrs old

Priests                                                             Males  20-50 yrs old

Slaves                                                              Male and Females 18-30 yrs old