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EJS School of Fine Arts put the Art or Dance in the Party!!

We host the best birthday parties for children 2-15 years old.  Kids love our fun and exciting parties and parents love how east they are!

Select one of our parties to get started!

Art Party              Princess Party                     Dance Party

Our Parties include:                                   

Two hours of Studio Time                           

Party Facilitator (Art or Dance Teacher)          

Colour Party Invitations                              

Face Painting                                   

Plates, Forks, Napkins                       

Guest Coupons, Birthday child

Bonus gift & Voucher                                        

No Clean Up                                                                                                                                      


Art Parties

Our Art Department at EJS is dedicated to teaching kids about art and having fun while doing it. So it makes sense that our Art Parties are a great way to have fun and be creative on your birthday.

With hundreds of ideas that can be created with a 5 X 7 or 8 X 10 canvas this activity will really reflect the birthday childís own personal interest.  With the help of the instructors your birthday child can chose a canvas activity that will be fund for all their special guests.

Letís Get Started

The first thing we need to know is how many children you are inviting to the party.  Up to eight kids are included in the Art Party price of $175.99 for up to 8 children. Additional children can be added for only $17.99 per child.

Fairy Princess Parties

Each little princess will get to decorate their very own wings, wand and tiara and then have they can have their photo taken in our special Fairy Princess Photo Frame.

Make sure your guests come dressed to make a mess before they are transformed into princesses!

Letís Get Started

The first thing we need to know is how many children you are inviting to the party.  Up to eight kids are included in the Princess Party price of $175.99 and additional children can be added for only $17.99 per child.


Dance Parties

Looking for a unique and fun way to have a Party!  ďItís my birthday and Iíll dance if I want to.Ē  This is an opportunity for children to have their birthday party hosted by an EJS Dance Teacher.

∑      Each dance party includes your 60 minute Dance Theme Party

∑      Use of our props applicable to the theme

∑      Music provided applicable to the theme

I Wanna be a Popstar

Guests will dance to their favorite songs!

Hip Hop Fuzion

Learn the latest and craziest dance moves to your favourite Hip Hop tunes.  Tell us your favourite songs at the time of booking and get ready to jam at the party.

Broadway Bound

This is for the theatre enthusiasts.  Tell us your favourite musical and we will dance, sing and act it out.   Musicals include Annie, Grease, Hairspray and more.  Musical Theatre is a perfect party idea for the birthday actor/actress

Fairy Princess Package

This can be combined with our princess party by learning a Disney inspired dance.

Letís Get Started!

First thing we need to know is how many children you are inviting to the party.   Up to eight children are included in the Dance Party or your choice and the price is $ 175.99 but additional children can be added for only $17.99 per child.




EJS School of Fine Arts

Party Food Policy

Hosting parents are responsible to bring their own food/snacks and beverages for the party, as well as a cake or cupcakes.  Food will only be allowed in your private party room area.

Helpful Hints
We recommend that you provide ďbite sizedĒ snacks.  Examples fruit or vegetable trays, chips/pretzels or if you decide to order pizza have your pizza let the staff know the arrival time you have planned. Donít forget Pop, Juice or Water for your guests as well.   Juice boxes work great.

EJS provides the table cloths, plates, forks and napkins for the number of children in attendance. Coffee and Tea can be provided for parents upon request.

REMINDER:   Donít forget the candles and matches.


Party Days and Times 2017-2018

Saturday     3-5pm or 4-6pm

Parties - Terms and Conditions

The school will be open for you and your guests 15 minutes prior to the party.  If you require more than 15 minutes before the party time or more than 15 minutes after the scheduled party time there will be a $10.00 charge.

Final numbers must be confirmed at least three days prior to your party via email or by phoning 604 596 4883.  A rough estimate at this time would also be greatly appreciated if you have not heard back from some of your guests.

All bookings require a $100.00 non refundable deposit, if due to unforeseen circumstances the party must be rescheduled it will be at the availability of the school and teacher and must be done with 48 hours of the party.  Final payment is due the day of the party.  Payment can be made by cash or cheque. We ask that all children and parents respect the school and its contents and any damage to the school or its contents will be billed to the below signed

All parents are to be reminded that we specialize in childrenís parties though we love the added help of parents, we ask a limited number of parents be present. There should never be more parents than children attending.  One parent per child as a general rule.

At least one parent must remain on site and this parent assumes all liabilities for all of the guests attending.